About - The Spade Family:
Spade Landscape Services, Inc.

Spade, our name, our family, may not be household name, yet., there is a pretty good chance you have our namesake tool someplace at home. 

Spade Landscape Services, Inc., is the owner and the parent company of Spade Gardens & Landscaping. 

Spade Landscape Services, Inc., was established to provide resources for our operating divisions and to enable new offerings and services for our clients and customers while maintaining a core focus on innovative, creative, and unique landscape design and landscaping services.

Spade Landscape Services, Inc., is a privately-held corporation and is registered in the State of California.  Spade Landscape Services, Inc., currently owns and operates Spade Gardens & Landscaping, Holidays by Spade, Spade’s California Christmas, and the SLS/SGL Group.

A new water-saving irrigation system is installed featuring pop-up irrigation heads for the grass and a drip irrigation system for existing and new plants