About Us


Colorful succulents with distinct shapes hide the hard edges of bespoke containers that add more color and texture to our gardening services installation in San Francisco.  Landscaping creations such as this are present throughout the Bay Area.


Spade Gardens & Landscaping

  • We are a proven resource for creative and innovative Landscaping and Gardening services for San Francisco and the Bay Area.

Spade Gardens & Landscaping completed our first Landscape Renovation in 2013

  • We have been honored to work with hundreds of clients and their homes and businesses since the first project

  • Our approach to you is simple - we do what we need to give you innovative landscaping solutions while working to meet your needs

We are Disrupters

  • We are here to change the way you view traditional landscape companies

  • Spade Gardens & Landscaping delivers unique landscaping solutions to Disrupt the marketplace:

  • Innovative Landscaping Design and Garden Design
  • Plants that hail from seven continents and hand selected from some of the best growers around
  • Curated materials which are globally sourced and uniquely distinctive including:

    • High Glaze Vietnamese Pottery
    • Sustainbaly harvested wood from parts of Asia and Africa
    • Stone for Paths and Patios from the Sierra Mountains in California
  • Cutting-Edge Technology that helps you grow plants and allows plants to thrive