Book Your Landscaping Consultation

You can now book a free Landscaping Consultation appointment online. We hope this is a quicker way to reach us and that it eliminates phone tags and email tags.

About a Landscaping Consultation

Our Landscaping Consultation appointments are either 60 minutes or 75 minutes in length - you my choose either one within our guidelines below. The initial consultation will provide a face-to-face introduction and it will allow us to:

  • Begin building a relationship with you while you do the same for us and for our Spade Gardens & Landscaping family
  • We can learn about your current landscaping challenges and what you would like to do with it - or help you to start thinking about different ideas
  • We will have the needed information to start developing a landscaping plan for you and your home, office, or business

During our time together we will collect a lot of information about your present life stage and your overall plans for the property. We will be discussing some initial ideas for different plant species, materials that we might use, and other additions such as hard-scapes or property modifications. We will also measure everything and take a bunch of pictures to have on our drawing table.

Our 60-minute Landscaping Consultation is ideal for these situations:

  • Your property is in San Francisco
  • Your property is a standard city width of 30 feet or less
  • The majority of the work will be to one section of the property (i.e. backyard)
  • There is restricted, limited, or no space on one of more sides of your building
  • You want to learn what we can do for non-traditional areas including:
    • Balconies, Decks, or Rooftop areas
    • Streetscape on the sidewalk or limited front areas
    • Vertical green walls
    • Interior plants or privacy concepts
  • Maintenance of an existing landscape - monthly, seasonal, or one-time

Our 75-minute Landscaping Consultation is ideal when:

  • Your property is outside of San Francisco
  • You know 60 minutes will not be enough time
  • You anticipate or know your property needs a landscape design / landscape plan
  • There will be a significant amount of existing material and plants to remove
  • You need an new or enhanced watering or outdoor lighting system