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  • Our Landscaping Consultations are Completely Free

  • You PICK TIME based on your availability

  • We come to you and review your current landscaping

  • We discuss you and your household while learning your thoughts

  • We share iniitial landscaping ideas and develop more ideas

  • A LANDSCAPING DESIGN REVIEW will be scheduled as the follow-up meeting

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  • The Landscaping Consultation

    Our Landscaping Consultation appointments provide a face-to-face introduction and a chance to get to know each other. During our time together we will:

    • Collect a lot of information about your present life stage and your overall plans for the property
    • Discuss some initial ideas for different plant species, materials that we might use, and other additions such as hard-scapes or property modifications
    • Measure everything and take a bunch of pictures to have on our drawing table

    60-minute Landscaping Consultation

    This consultation is best when:

    • Your property is in San Francisco
    • Your property is a standard city width of 30 feet or less
    • The majority of the work will be to one section of the property (i.e. backyard)
    • There is restricted, limited, or no space on one of more sides of your building
    • You want to learn what we can do for non-traditional areas including:
      • Balconies, Decks, or Rooftop areas
      • Streetscape on the sidewalk or limited front areas
      • Vertical green walls
      • Interior plants or privacy concepts
    • Maintenance of an existing landscape - monthly, seasonal, or one-time

    75-minute Landscaping Consultation

    This consultation is best when:

    • Your property is outside of San Francisco
    • You know 60 minutes will not be enough time
    • You anticipate or know your property needs a landscape design / landscape plan
    • There will be a significant amount of existing material and plants to remove
    • You need an new or enhanced watering or outdoor lighting system