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Great Landscape Ideas Grow from Creativity, Passion, and Innovation

  • Spade Gardens & Landscaping is a highly innovative and creative landscape and gardening service company

  • Our passion shows through our individual approach to each client and their home or business

  • We deliver creativity, passion, and innovation to clients in San Francisco, the San Francisco Bay Area, and  other parts of Northern California

Bay Bridge View Container Garden
We, Spade Gardens that is... we have a key objective internally to enhance your lifestyle by discovering and finding new elements in your life and your landscape - it’s really cool to see what changes for our clients when this happens.

Your Perfect San Francisco Outdoor Space


Curated Landscape Ideas, Boundless Possibilities, and Custom Solutions

Boundless possibilities exist for your home or business: a landscape, a garden, or even a few curated containers filled with bespoke plants strategically set on a rooftop deck on Telegraph Hill, overlooking the Bridges and the Bay, or the graceful entrance to an 1890s Edwardian in Duboce Triangle... We can offer:

  • An endless array of opportunities for creating your space

  • Plants that provide color, texture, depth, and scale

  • San Francisco, one of the few cities in the world where flowers bloom all year round

  • Well-placed containers that bring plants to unexpected places, add vertical scale, and hide the neighbor's unwieldy jasmine, and...

  • Smart home-controlled,  LED-lit/app-based irrigation that can bring custom functions that you can control from Bakersfield to Beijing.


Let us craft something uniquely one-of-a-kind for you by...

  • Spending some time with our landscape services professionals

  • Sharing your ideas and discussing your initial thoughts

  • Letting our professionals create unique designs and source curate materials, including hand-selected plants, hardscape options from around the world, and efficient, smart home-driven irrigation and lighting systems

  • We will help you sort through endless possibilities to create your ideal outdoor space!


Spade Gardens & Landscaping is Your Specialist for Uniquely Curated Gardens and Landscapes throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area

Assorted Succulents

Landscaping Paradises



Landscaping Services

The heart of Spade Gardens and Landscaping is with the services we provide to our clients. As a full service landscape and garden company, we touch almost anything green and outdoors on your property.

Our core services include:

  • Design

  • Installation & Renovation

  • Maintenance

  • Systems - Irrigation, Lighting, & Smart Home Outdoors



Creating the plans for your project, from adding a few containers to a complete remodel and rejuvenation of your property.

Ben Planting.jpg


Outdoor renovation that takes plants from paper drawings to soil.

Potrero Hill Front Garden Bed.jpg


Providing the up-keep required and needed to preserve the value of your investment and wow your friends!