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Your Landscape, Your Life, Your Lifestyle

Great Landscape Ideas Grow from Creativity, Passion, and Innovation

  • Spade Gardens & Landscaping is a highly innovative and creative landscape and gardening service company

  • Our passion shows through our individual approach to each client and their home or business

  • We deliver creativity, passion, and innovation to clients in San Francisco, the San Francisco Bay Area, and other parts of Northern California


your outdoor space - perfected in San Francisco

Bay Bridge View Container Garden
We, Spade Gardens that is... we have a key objective internally to enhance your lifestyle by discovering and finding new elements in your life and your landscape - it’s really cool to see what changes for our clients when this happens.

Spade Gardens & Landscaping Delivers Curated Landscape Ideas, Boundless Possibilities, and Custom Solutions

Boundless possibilities exist for your home or business: a landscape, a garden, or even a few curated containers filled with bespoke plants set strategically on a Telegraph Hill rooftop deck overlooking both the Golden Gate and the Bay or gracing the entrance to a turn-of-the-century Edwardian flat in Duboce Triangle...

We  offer...

  • An endless array of opportunities for creating your space

  • Plants that provide color, texture, depth, and scale

  • San Francisco, one of the few cities in the world where flowers bloom all year round

  • Well-placed containers that bring plants to unexpected places, add vertical scale, and hide the neighbor's unwieldy jasmine, and...

  • Smart home-controlled,  LED-lit/app-based irrigation that can bring custom functions that you can control from Bakersfield to Beijing.

Let us craft something uniquely one-of-a-kind for you...

  • Spend time with our landscape services professionals

  • Share your ideas and discuss your thoughts  

  • Allow our professionals to create unique designs utilizing project-sourced curated materials

    • Plants selected by hand for your property

    • Hard-scapes which distinguish and do not duplicate the neighbors

    • Materials sourced by project from global suppliers

  • We will help you sort through endless possibilities to create your ideal outdoor space!


Spade Gardens & Landscaping is Your Specialist for Uniquely Curated Gardens and Landscapes throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area

Assorted Succulents

Landscaping Paradise



Landscaping and Gardening Services

from Spade Gardens & Landscaping


Landscaping Services

The heart of Spade Gardens and Landscaping is with the services we provide to our clients. As a full service landscape and garden company, we touch almost anything green and outdoors on your property.

Our core services include:

  • Design

  • Installation & Renovation

  • Maintenance

  • Irrigation and Water Features

  • Integrating ‘Smart Home’ solutions outdoors

  • Landscape Lighting and Sound



Creating the plans for your project, from adding a few containers to a complete remodel and rejuvenation of your property.

Ben Planting.jpg


Outdoor renovation that takes plants from paper drawings to soil.

Potrero Hill Front Garden Bed.jpg


Providing the up-keep required and needed to preserve the value of your investment and wow your friends!